When a company specializes in oil and gas in Banda Aceh, Indonesia approached Wingel to consult about continuous level monitoring and measurement inside a fuel tank, we are more than ready to help them. Oil and gas industry requires an extra safety measurement to eliminate the risk of hazard. We recommended Wingel level transmitter LTS-E with the float made with nitrile rubber (Buna-N) which is suitable for implementation in oil and gas related industry and also suggested the level transmitter to be equipped with ATEX explosion proof terminal box and explosion proof transmitter unit to deal with the hazard problems. The length of the instrument they requested, spans 750 milimeter. With such length , we proposed the most precise and accurate sensor esolution, 5 milimeter to be implemented in the sensor. Afterward The 4-20 mA output of level transmitter is fed into PLC and the instrument now is working as expected.