Float Level Switch VCTF

Wingel Float Level Switch VSTF



  • Top Mounted
  • Flange and screw connection
  • Single and multiple point detection up to 4 points
  • Manufactured according to customer’s requests
  • Suitable for application in the chemical liquids especially corrosive acid
  • Teflon guide tube is also reinforced with stainless steel making it sturdy and more reliable

VCTF is a level switch made from teflon or PTFE material,VCTF is produced to handle stronger chemical with corrosive trait. PTFE has an excellent chemical stability , therefore it is suitable and also safer option for most of chemical liquid.It can also be used for aqueous environment such as application in seawater liquid.

Terminal box : PTFE or ABS IP65/IP66 (Optional)
Terminal box material : PTFE
Max Temp : 80 Degree Celcius
Float material : PVDF
Tube material : PTFE Cover + SS316
Conn material : PTFE
Electrical connection : Cable gland, PG16, Polyamide, IP68

Wingel level switch line up can also be combined with Wingel Controller Unit model CU.The main function of control unit is to protect the reed switch inside a level switch,there are also other features of CU according to the variant model of CU. There are 3 types of CU:

Control Unit Model: CU1

CU1 can be used to give control output which main purpose is to shut or turn on the pumping process, example filling the tank when the low level is reached and emptying the tank when the high level is reached.

Control Unit Model: CU3

Aside from the CU1 feature to control the pumping process, it also has relay output for high level alarm and low level alarm

Control Unit Model: CU4

CU4 has 4 relay output compared to CU3 that has only 2 output. It can trigger alarm in 4 positons of high-high, high, low and low low level. The relay output can also be used for many application system, such as signal to DCS or PLC

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