Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)

Wingel Magnetic Level Gauge (MLG)



  • Robust and unbreakable design
  • No risk of leakage
  • Clear visual indication even from far away
  • Do not require auxiliary power source
  • Compact and small design
  • Usable for all type of liquids
  • Fully separation between wet parts and dry parts
  • Manufactured according to customer’s requests
  • Can be made with plastics material or stainless steel
  • Used in wide range of industries

Wingel magnetic level gauge model MLG is one of our best selling product. It is robust and highly reliable for any kind of liquid. MLG has its own chamber with the float contained magnet is placed inside the chamber, the chamber itself is directly connected to the storage vessel, for the indicator MLG uses a combination of red, white and yellow magnetic flappers. As the float inside the chamber rises or falls in accordance to the level of the liquid, the magnet inside the float will attract the magnetic flappers therefore changing the color of the flappers (from white to red or vice versa). Since its prominent when the flappers changed their colors thus making MLG reliable for clear visual indicator even when its seen from afar. MLG can be custom designed to fit any type of process connection on the vessel.

Process conn : Flange(JIS,ANSI,DIN) , Screw, NPT or BSP
Flapper clamp : 304SS
Flapper indicator : PA66+30% GF , Red+White & Yellow
Flapper rail : Aluminium , Max length = 6000mm
Magnet float material : 316LSS or Titanium

Untuk specs yang lebih jelas dapat dilihat di bagian brosur

MLG can also be equipped with magnetic switch that can be installed beside the magnetic flapper,it serves as high or low alarm, to control the pump or valve and also to be connected to PLC. The position of the switch can also be easily and freely adjusted, making it flexible if customer decide to change the alarm or control pump location.

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