Flow Transmitter FIT

Flow Transmitter FIT



  • High accuracy
  • Possible mounting in all direction
  • Application for almost all type of clean liquids
  • Compact nature and easy installation
  • Affordable and price competitive
  • Perfect for narrow space and clean water industry

Wingel Paddle Wheel Flowmeter model FIT offers the ability to measure the flow of a vast variety of compounds. FIT is type of insertion flowmeter, one of prominent feature of this flowmeter is its small and compact nature,hence it can be installed in narrow spaces and without affecting surrounding. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally without affecting themeasurement. FIT’s working principle is almost the same as turbine flowmeter as, FIT uses a paddle propeller to measure the flow rate of the liquid. FIT is really useful for measuring liquid especially clean liquid, therefore its perfect to be used in sectors such as water supply, water treatment, building automation system, cooling water system and many more. Furthermore it also optional output of relay, 4-20mA transmitter and RS-485 Modbus making it a great option for flow sensor in the control syste

Accuracy : ±0,75% F.S. & Repeatability ±0.5% F.S.
Display range : 0-99999
Rotor material : PFA + Magnetic
Axis and bearing material : Zirconia Ceramic & SL-P/V
Viscosity range : 0,5 to 20 Centi stokes (Cst)
Seal Material : Viton
Power supply : DC 15-24V
Protection : NEMA4 /IP65 or NEMA6 /IP-68

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