When a building contractor company from Bali , Indonesia needed a flowmeter for the flow measurement in their clean water system. They asked for Wingel’s recommendation and we are more than happy to lend our hand to them. One of the challenge they presented to us is when the installation must be done in narrow and tight spaces, this is a crucial problem because finding a compact and reliable flowmeter is not an easy task to accomplish, fortunately Wingel has such flowmeter. Wingel Paddle Wheel Flowmeter model FIT as its name specify is a flowmeter which uses paddle as its mean to capture the flow rate of the liquid, the dimension is compact in nature (approximately 233.7 mm from paddle to display or 203.7 mm for more compact version, G1/4″ thread for connection, paddle’s width is 26.8 mm ) and simple installation by horizontal insertion nor vertical through the pipe without affecting the accuracy of the measurement. The accuracy itself is within 1% of the reading,we suggested FIT to our customer and after brief discussion, we struck a deal with our client.