When a perfume manufacturer company in Karawang, Indonesia needed a point level detection instrument for the chemical substance, they consulted to Wingel and we are ready to help them. Perfume manufacturing process requires ton of chemical substances and requires a good point detection instrument. The chemical substance they consulted to us is caustic liquid which goes by the name of CIPTON. Cipton is a general purpose , liquid caustic based detergent that is used in wide range of industrial process especially for sanitary and cleaning.

Cipton’s applications include CIP, bottlewashing, spraywashing and etc. After much discussion and site visit, we suggested the user to use Wingel float level switch model VSP which is made from plastic material to deal with chemical media. The combination of PVC guiding tube and Polypropelene float is more than sufficient to deal with Cipton. The customer requested 4 floats with the span of 850 milimeter and to be installed horizontally inside the enclosed storage tank. Without further delay Wingel fabricated and delivered the item, fullfilled customer’s satisfaction and trust.