When a general supplier company in Manado, North Sulawesi Indonesia needed a consultation regarding continuos level monitoring and measurement inside a fuel tank. They turned to Wingel and we are more thant ready to help them. We recommended to them Wingel Level Transmitter model LTS with tube and float made with Stainless Steel 316 material and for the terminal head we provided aluminium enclosure ATEX Explosion Proof IP65, a must specification for oil and gas related application.The variant of fuel they wished to measure is Avtur which is a fuel for the airplane,extra care must be given to this kind of fuel because Avtur has lower density compared to the diesel fuel in general.Therefore we suggested to use a float with bigger diameter ( 55 milimeter ) this is to make sure the float will rise and fall concurrently with the Avtur. The length of the sensor is 2400 milimeter therefore we also recommended to them to use a smaller resolution of 20 milimeter which is sufficient in precision and also more economical in term of pricing. After we have submitted our specifications to them, we reached an agreement to supply with with our instrument.