Temperature Sensor Transmitter TTR




  • Advanced performance, high accuracy and stability
  • Element sensor RTD Pt100, CU50, CU100
  • Material of sensor, SS316L (RTD, Pt100) and SS310 (TC type K).
  • Measured range -200° to +1600°C
  • Built in cold junction compensation for thermocouple input
  • Available with TMU-T for transmitter outpur 4-20mA, 2 wires

Wingel TTR temperature sensor or transmitter is being offered as RTD Pt100 resistance or thermocouple. With water or explosion proof head designed for industrial temperature measurement, working with many kinds of instruments and meters. The sensors widely used in boilers, furnaces, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals, food, ceramic, textile production, and many various process fields

Model : TTR
Application : Water, demineralized water, oil, chemical, etc.
Element Type : TC-K, T, J, S, E, N, R and RTD-PT100, CU50, CU100
Element Number : Single, Double on request
Sensor Diameter : 8mm and 10mm, others on request
Sensor Material : SS316L (RTD) and SS310 (TC-K)
Process Conn : Thread ½” NPT Male, others on request
Electrical Conn L M20 x 1,5 or ½”NPTF with gland
Output : Sensor only 4-20 mA | 4-20 mA, HART
Enclosure : Aluminum alloy with orange paint spray, IP65
Options : Ex-proof aluminum housing, ATEX, Eex IIC T6 – IP68 & SS316 NEMA 4X, IP68 | Transmitter with local digital display

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