Level Transmitter LTS

Wingel Level Transmitter LTS



  • Top mounted
  • Flange and screw connection
  • Manufactured according to customer’s requests
  • Available with 4-20 mA signal transmitter or digital display
  • Can be made with plastics or stainless steel material
  • Reliable and working normally under built up foam condition
  • ATEX certified terminal box and stainless steel box available

Wingel level transmitter model LTS is designed with high quality materials and has a long cycle life. LTS is fully customable and can be manufactured with materials such as stainless steel 304 or 316L and also plastic materials such as polypropelene, PVC, CPVC and also teflon. These wide selection of materials allow LTS to be installed in most of the liquids even the one with corrosive nature. LTS also can be used in various industries for processing, fuel monitoring to water treatment.The accuracy of the measurement can also be adjusted by customer’s request.

Terminal box : Aluminium IP68 , ATEX & NEMA 4X
Max Temp : 100 Degree Celcius (Standard temp) & 200 Degree Celcius (High temp)
Float material : SS316L or SS316 (SS material) & PP, PVC, PVDF ( Plastics material)
Tube material : SS304 or SS316 (SS material) & PP, PVC, CPVC or Teflon ( Plastics material)
Conn material : SS304 or SS316
Electrical connection : Metal gland, 1/2″ NPT or M20

Wingel level transmitter can be paired with Wingel Transmitter Unit (TU) to produce signal of 4-20mA, 2 wire transmitter output and further can be feed into PLC, BAS, analog meter etc. TU also available in explosion proof version. Wingel level transmitter to be equipped Wingel digital panel meter (WP) to display the output for level,percentage or volume for linear tank. WP can also be feed into PLC and also relay output, the output option of modbus RS485 or voltage 0-10Vdc are also available by request. WP is available in 4 digits and 5 digits version

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