Level Switch

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Level Switch

Level switch is a measurement instrument which serves as a point level detector which the main function is to detect the position of the level inside enclosed measuring vessels. Level switch is widely used in a wide range of industries and an essential tool as an high level alarm to prevent overflow, low level alarm and also able to control when to activate or to shut a pump.

Wingel magnetic float level switch employs the principle of buoyancy, when the liquid level changes so does the float. Inside the float there is a magnet and hermetically sealed reed switch within the guide tube. When float rises or falls with liquid’s level, the magnetic field of the magnet inside the float will cause the reed switch to operate, the electronic output of the switch will give the signal regarding the level of the liquid (High or Low) and also it will be able to control the pump. Wingel magnetic float level switches are suitable to be installed in boiler systems, storage tank, vessels, fuel tank and etc. Full customization of product such as length, number of contact point, material used are available depending on customer’s request and type of liquid media.

Wingel magnetic float level switch line up has three types of level switches named from how their installation are done, the products are: vertical float level switch, horizontal float level switch and cable float level switch.

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