Magnetic Level Gauge Mini (MLG-M)

Wingel Magnetic Level Mini



  • Robust and unbreakable design
  • No risk of leakage
  • Clear visual indication even from far away
  • Do not require auxiliary power source
  • Minimum and easy maintenance
  • Usable for all type of liquids
  • Fully separation between wet parts and dry parts
  • Manufactured according to customer’s requests
  • Can be made with plastics material or stainless steel
  • Used in wide range of industries

Wingel magnetic level gauge mini model MLG-M is the smaller and more compact version of MLG, its also more affordable and price competitive option compared to MLG however it retains MLG’s features with a slight modification. It can be custom designed to fit any type of process connection on the vessel same like MLG, it can also be paired with Level Transmitter or magnetic switch.

MLG-M can also be equipped with magnetic switch that can be installed beside the magnetic flapper,it serves as high or low alarm, to control the pump or valve and also to be connected to PLC. The position of the switch can also be easily and freely adjusted, making it flexible if customer decide to change the alarm or control pump location.

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