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Wingel Instrument has provided measurement instrument for applications in various industries, many of our products are supplied and implemented in oil and gas, food & beverage, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemcial, cement, tyre, water and wastewater etc.

We believe that by implementing precise and high quality product is essential to ensure smooth industrial processes. The section below contain some industrial sectors Wingel has supplied.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical

Wingel has an extensive knowledge to deal and handle with chemical substances. By providing level measurement products with multiple choices of chemical resistant material to choose from, Wingel can deliver the best possible solution to any type of chemical for any type of chemical industries.

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Wingel offers wide range of level monitoring and sensors for the application in petrochemical industry. From the delivery of crude oil, processing until finished products requires reliable level instrumentation.

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Marine Industry

Aside from ground industry , Wingel has also fulfilled the need of martime sector especially the application of level measurement in measuring the fuel of a ship.To fully cope the demand of any ship, Wingel provides the customization of level measurement product by customer’s request.

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Oil and gas

Wingel has a wide range of level measurement products for Oil and Gas Industries,including the application of explosion proof housing ATEX or NEMA 4X reinforced material to ensure the implementation in hazardous and risky area.

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Water and Waste Water Treatment

Wingel has manufactured and designed level instruments which has earned numerous of customer’s trust in this sector, we provide full customization selection from material,switches to length in order to satisfy our client’s demands

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Food and beverage

Wingel has supplied level measurement instruments for wide range of applications in food and beverage industrial processes

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Palm Oil

As one of the biggest industry in Indonesia, from refining the crude palm oil to whole industry processes until it become a final product requires level measurements. Wingel is ready to provide our best solution to meet customer’s demand for palm oil sector

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Cement Industry

The processes of manufacturing cement requires level instruments to ensure the whole processing scheme goes smoothly. Wingel instrument is ready to provide the equipments necessary to our customer in this sector.

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