Monthly Archives: November 2021

  • wingel pressure transmitter Specifications
We are proud to announce the launching of our pressure transmitter. Pressure transmitter as its name indicates, measure the pressure of a certain media such as liquids and gases,the data acquired from its reading can be further converted to analog signal and...
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  • Level Switch Installation in North Jakarta Water Treatment Plant
Our VSP PVC based level switch material has been installed in chemical tanks for water treatment processes. The process itself requires an accurate yet stable level measurement, fortunately we are able to provide our clients with necessary customized instrument to satisfy their...
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  • Level switch to balikpapan
Wingel has just finished the shipment of 14 pieces of vertical float level switch to Balikpapan. Every pieces are carefully handled to make sure items reach Balikpapan in perfect condition. It will be used for a point level detection inside a...
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